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Our Achievements

The main business of the company is the sale of equipment and materials for dental technicians. The company also offers training courses and CAD / CAM courses. The basic concept of the company is to work with 3D technology. The company is a representative of ROLAND and IMES ICORE milling machines, DOF and MEDIT 3D scanners, FORMLABS 3D printers and cubic zirconia blocks “NORITAKE KURARAY KATANA” and DENTAL DIREKT. Our team has 10 years experience in CAD/CAM solutions.

Our Products

3D Scanner

General information

• 2 axes
• Light source: White LED light
• Technology: Built-in light
• Software: Open Type (STL Compatibility)
• Accuracy: 10μm
• Power supply: 110-240V, 50-60 Hz
• O / S: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)

FormLabs 3D Printer

FORM 2 has SLA technology, which consists of hardening the resin using laser light. With the advanced optical design, it is possible to achieve high resolution and precision prints.

Roland Milling Machines

Designed for easy dental prosthetics, Roland DG dental milling machines provide efficiency, performance and quality in a compact, easy-to-use machine. Ideal for laboratories or office environments, the open design of the DWX series allows you to work with the latest materials, CAD / CAM software and scanners, without having to rely on one source.

KATANA ™ Zirconia Blocks

KATANA ™ multi-layer zirconia is an innovative multi-layer technology that specializes in the manufacture of fully profiled zirconia lace. Available in a wide variety of colors with high light transmission, which helps dentists perform works on the highest aesthetic level.

EXOCAD software

Dedicated innovative dental system. EXOCAD is known for its fast operation and ease of use, helping to minimize training costs and maximize productivity. This is a reliable and robust software.